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THE GUTTER GUY'S 6" OG Heavy gauge seamless gutter system is probably the best gutter system you can install on your home. Everything has gotten bigger like you, your kids and the trees around you and the rain falls we have been receiving. when installed on your home, it does not look that much bigger, but hides a lot of sins and makes your house bigger and better. Up close it is significantly bigger and holds at least 40% more water, some say as much as 167% more water. What ever %, it can handle 99% of the rain storms we have. The 6" gutter can be put up more level (Because water will always flow to it's lowest point, even when level) giving it a better look and usually will hide that ugly space between the gutter and roof line, giving it a much better look. There is much less maintenance for you because the outlet and leader is much bigger allowing less chance of debris clogging it up as much. After your 6" gutters are installed, you will love them and will love them for years to come, it probably be the last gutter system that you will have to install on your home. And if you install screening, you'll probably never have to clean your gutters again.

Key Benefits:

A much better look to your home. Much less maintenance for you to do will handle the bigger and heavier rainfalls that occur