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THE GUTTER GUY's 5" OG heavy gauge Seamless Aluminum gutter is your basic, standard gutter system that has been installed for the past 40 yrs. or so. The gutter comes with a standard 2"x 3" aluminum leader and can also be installed with a 3"x 4" aluminum leaders , one inch means a lot or in plain round 3" aluminum or fluted round aluminum 3" leader.

Your gutter system can be installed a few different methods. Spike and ferrule is the most common and the faster way to install them. There are usually 2 different types of spikes, smooth shank aluminum or galvanized spike which is less money than the
aluminum spike with ridges or spiral end, this is usually little more in price.

Then there is the
hidden hanger w/ strap, hidden hanger w/screw or just a plain hidden hanger. there is a wrap around hanger, which, We don't use. The hidden hanger w/strap is usually used when there is no facia installed. The hidden hanger w/screw is probably the best way to install because you have no spike seen on front of gutter, and the screw should be installed into rafter end where ever possible. Both hidden hangers are made of stainless steal and usually cost more money, but are worth it.

Key Benefits:

5" gutter is seamless one piece for no leaking. Heavy gauge aluminum can withstand ladders and snow loads Standard gutter that does it's job at a moderate price THE GUTTER GUY only uses the best available material cause it does not pay to use anything else, usually you get what you pay for. The Material comes with a 20 year warrantee and the labor is a standard industry one year. With the workmanship superb and the material the best you can't ask for anything more and is priced right for this type of quality job.