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Everything and we mean everything needs maintenance and THE GUTTER GUY's Handyman Maintenance programs are done to the complete outside of your home. We clean out the gutter completely and flush out the leaders (not just cleaning by the outlet)! All your leaves and debris are removed from your roof areas and from around valley, skylights and chimney areas where problems can occur very easily.

Skylights are washed so you can see thru them and your vent pipes are tarred to prevent vent pipe leaks. All minor repairs to your gutter systems will be taken care of, but some need more than just minor repairs and we can take care of them to. Tree branches should be approximately 2 feet from roof and house area and usually don't cover that but we can try to help in any way we at THE GUTTER GUY can.

This service can be preformed on a yearly or bi-yearly contract, depending if you have screening on your gutter system. We also give a comprehensive evaluation on the condition of your roof, siding and basically everything else on the outside of your home. Price depends on the size and condition of your home and in the long run will save you money on needless work you would otherwise not know about. This program is also excellent for people who don't have time, afraid of ladders and/or height, or who just can't do it any more because of father time.